Welcome to the registry for capacity guarantees


Welcome to the capacity certificates register


Created as part of the capacity mechanism, the capacity certificates register is a register kept by RTE,not made public, which records in a secure manner all transactions involving the issuance, transfer or destruction of capacity certificates. It includes an account for each society holding certificates.


To access the register, you must have previously signed a contract with RTE of certification contract, obligate parties, capacity portfolio manager or conditions of use of the capacity certificates register. To register or log in, just click on the appropriate tabs on this page.


For more information on the capacity mechanism, you can head to the following links:


Check the decree defining the rules of capacity mechanism

Visit the website dedicated to the  capacity mechanism

Check  the Nome act n°2010-1488 of 7 december 7, 2010

Check the decree  n° 2012-1405 of 14 decemver 14, 2012


As of April 29th, 2016 the Minister of Energy signed the decree defining the capacity mechanism rules. The first delivery year of the capacity mechanism, civil year 2017, began January, 1st, 2017.

For any question regarding the use of the registry for capacity certificates, a user manual is at your disposal in the Download zone below.

Every details regarding guarantees ceedings, excluding account owner identity, are published on the OpenData website of RTE (link).