Welcome to the registry for capacity guarantees


In order to register as an account holder on the Registre for capacity guarantees, several steps are necessary.

First of all, please fill in the registration form by clicking on the button “REGISTRATION” on the bottom or left of this page. You will be asked for your personal information as well as your company information. Please note that it is your VAT number which is used to identify you as a client of RTE. Once your request is validated, several cases are possible:

1/ Your VAT number is not related to any client of RTE: you will be advised to establish contact with RTE in order to conclude a registry contract.
2/ Your VAT number is related to a client of RTE AND you are the first user from your company: your request will be directly submitted for processing.
3/ Your VAT number is related to a client of RTE BUT you are not the first user form you company: you will be suggested to confirm your request if none of the Administrator users of your company is able to create your access directly.

Once your request is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email containing the summary of the documents to send to us in order to finalise your registration.
You will receive your credentials by email as soon as your registration request has been accepted.